Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Ties

I have the honor of being apart of 2 new moms-to-be baby showers. My favorite part is that I now have a legit reason to go in the baby department and ooh and aah with Emma Grace over all the cute baby things and complain that they didn't have this or that 11 years ago.

All this baby shopping and planning has got everyone from my mom to Emma Grace asking if I was sure I didn't want another baby. The truth is that I never planned on only one child. John and I just assumed we would have more. Now I realize that is not going to be the case and that is OK. Some things in life can not be planned. I am grateful for the chance to live life as a one child family. We have a dynamic in our little household that is sweet and very close. John teases Emma Grace enough so she knows how a brother might have tortured her and I try to provide enough girlfriend time so that she understands the fun of sisters. We make our friends into family. I hope she will do the same.

I love my family that I was born into, but I feel the same for my family of friends. How blessed we are with many people to call on in good times and bad. It's not always easy keeping up, but always worth it! So to all my friends (family!) from Texas to New York and all in between, know that I love you and am grateful that you help provide Emma Grace with the extended family that helps make her who she is and will become.

As for babies, John and I are willing to wait 15 or 20 years for a grand baby to spoil rotten!

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  1. poor Emma Grace! Already talking about grandbabies. Love you! Sarah