Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Big Picture

Do you know the eye color of your best friend? How about hair color? Moles? Tatooes? I can not always be counted on the remember these things, even for very dear, close friends.

I love peanut butter pie. My dear friend, Diane, does not! It has taken me about 10 years to remember this fact! We have had this same conversation many, many times...
Me, "Let's go get peanut butter pie!"
Diane, "I hate peanut butter pie."
Me, "Really?!? I thought you loved it. Did I know you didn't like it."
Diane (paitently), "Yes, I have told you this the last time. And the time before that, etc."


I have wondered about myself and why these little details escape me. I know just chalk it up to the way I am and the way I look at things.

I love the big picture more than the details. I may not remember your hair color, but I do remember the way you make me feel. Happy, sad, mad, excited! I feel your heart first and get the outside appearance later. I like that better than details! And as I grow older and saggier, I hope I meet more "Big Picture" people, too.

So don't worry if I have forgotten your favorite food or where you grew up. I will remember your heart and why your are my friend! Thank you for the chance to learn that. It's MY favorite thing.

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