Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dive on In!

I never really learned to dive properly. I am a hold the nose kinda of gal! Oh, the shame! (However, I can pass the required summer camp swim test! Yeah!) I did not want my daughter to have the same fear or water up the nose issues as me. Mission accomplished.

Above is a picture taken of Emma Grace at Auburn University ready to dive into her first race of the day. (She is the one closest to the camera in lane 1)

I am daily amazed at her willingness to continue this new sport despite the fact that she is competing with girls who have been doing this for 5 or more years compared to her 7 months. I love her commitment to going daily (even in freezing weather) and swimming lap after lap (after lap). Her hard work is paying off with lower times and new found muscles, but she still must work just to catch up with the others. And she does. Where can I get the bottle of magic dust that keeps her motivated?!?

I was going to write about the idea of "Just keep swimming" from Disney's Finding Nemo, but looking at this photo I snapped to send to my husband (who was very sad not to be there), the idea of her willingness to dive in seemed more profound.

Keeping your head above water is one thing. Being willing to dive into it is the FIRST thing.

I would love to be the one to dive in head first and just go for it (what ever "it" may be). Instead I ease in one toe at a time, sometimes not even willing to get my face in the water. But here is my own flesh and blood diving in head first not caring what the others do. She is doing what she wants and giving it her all. Wow. Again, I need that bottle of magic dust she must have hidden in the mess she calls a room!

God wants us to have the faith of a child. I say we need the faith, the courage, the hope, the love, and the pure heart that allows them to try new things, love new adventures, and see the world as something special given just for them. It was. God gave us all these things. The question is ... Are we using what is given without question?

Are we willing to dive in and see what is there for us? What might could happen? How can our lives change?

From her first very awkward dive in June, Emma Grace has had a new world opened up to her. She is learning more than just proper kicks and strokes. She is learning that it is better to dive in than just sit on the edge worrying about what might happen. I love that kind of faith!

Do you have the faith to dive right in? I am working on mine. See you in the water!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I Learn at Disney

Please forgive me. It has been 6 months since my last blog. (Can't wait to hear my confessions now, huh!)

Wow, I am sorry it has taken this long to write. When I started this blog school was winding down and summer was giving me more time to think and act on those thoughts. The last blog was the end of July. We started back to school the first of August. See the connection?

I have written many blogs in my head, late at night while lying in the bed. I just couldn't seem to get them onto the computer. I am trying to get back to it.

I have wanted to share a story with you for a while that really struck a chord with me. Last spring (yes, it has take this long to write it down!), I was with friends at Disney World. I love Disney and can get a bit "park Nazi" on trips there. Just ask John!! So of course I was leading the pack in the park for that day's adventure. As our group walked along, my friend Lydia was walking beside me in the lead of the others. Not wanting to be a complete dictator on where we were heading, I turned to her and asked her opinion as to the direction we should take.

Her reply: "I might be walking beside you, but I am following you."

Wow!! That statement hit me so hard. Do you see where this should be in our lives?

God so wants us to follow him, but that needs to be done while walking with him. We need the connection as well as the willingness to go where he leads.

I may know the quickest path to Space Mountain, but I still need lots of guidance for the direction to take in my own amusement park we call life! And I don't always walk as if I have someone beside me (even though he is there, ready to be acknowledged).

My prayer is that I will walk each day with him knowing that he will not lead me wrong. I am trying but sometimes I take a wrong turn and end up in Toon Town instead of Tomorrow Land (If you get my drift!).