Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sweet Smell of Summer

We start back to school this week. Sigh!

I was feeling a little bit of those back to school blues tonight. I am saying goodbye to lazy days, sleeping late, and watching the Today show. (Matt, Ann, and Al, I will miss you!) I do love my job and the fun of a new beginning each August, but leaving behind the carefree days is hard.

As I walked through the house tonight after my bath (tubby :), all was quiet, everyone was in bed, and I was hit by a sweet smell. It was the perfect smell of summer...fresh cut watermelon!
My favorite fruit is that of red ripe watermelon. I have always loved it. We do not let a week go by in the summer without watermelon in the house. John had cut open a new melon tonight as an after youth group snack for Emma Grace and the smell was still lingering hours later. It made me smile and lose a little of those end of summer blues.

They say that smell is the strongest memory trigger. I believe it. I have wonderful summer memories, past and present. So instead of being sad, I am remembering some of this year's memories (some happy, some sad)...

New wood floors in the house.
Emma Grace making a SES cut time in swimming.
Going to the beach with many old friends and family.
Losing my 91 year old grandmother.
Reading trashy books while floating in the pool.
Laughing with Emma Grace.
Celebrating 17 years of marriage to John.
And of course eating watermelon!

Thank you, God, for all these memories and the start of new ones yet to be made.

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