Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Have Lost Contact(s)!

My phone broke. Smashed on the concrete by the pool. All contacts, apps, photos, and games gone in a split second while I reached for a trashy gossip magazine! (No judgement please, I will return to my normal adult reading as soon as summer break is over or until JLo is happy in love again. Whichever comes first!)

I did not realize at the time that I had not backed up the phone (who knew!) and so had lost all content. Even "Andre" from apple support after an hour of working with techno-dumb me could not help "sync" old and new phones. Oh the shame of not having backed up!!

So now I am without all the contacts I have collected over the years. My sweet techno-naive mom suggested I look in my address book?! She, of course, keeps every number she has even been given in a good old fashioned, write it in yourself, address book. I was with her when bought her current one at the National Gallery in DC ---14 YEARS AGO!! It is well used and worn with lots of names and numbers written in it. When a number changes, she just scratches through it and writes the new one below. I am sure she has dropped it thousands of times and no contact has been lost! But that is another blog for another day!

I am now slowly reentering all the contacts I know by heart (sadly there are not many). And as people call or text, I am adding them back also. I guess it will show me who really calls me! It also shows me which contacts where the most important ones.

I am using it as a sort of cleanse for my phone. Only adding back the numbers that are most needed (like family, friends, and local Chinese restaurants) will be a way to find out which contacts are truly the ones I should have. Plus I don't have to wonder who "Dave"( no last name) was in my old contacts!

What contacts would you be upset to lose? Who would you truly need to call and be unable to if your "address book" was dropped?

That is the bigger lesson I learned in this whole frustrating episode. I need to get my contact priorities in order and learn to back up the the important ones!

So, dear friends, if you would like to be added back to my new phone, give me a call, text, email, or hand-written note with your information and I will make you a priority just because you cared enough to let me know that you are out there and I promise to have back up support this time. (I just hope "Andre" can help me do this!)

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