Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hope for the Future for just $20!

In my last post I told you about the $20 solution for blindness. In this one I will reveal how $20 has helped me once more and renewed my hope for the future! Are you curious yet?

Think about what you can get these days for $20 bucks...
*1 large popcorn and drink at the movies
*Lunch for 2 at Chick-fil-A
*2 Sham-Wows (if you call in the next 20 minutes!!)

I got desperate the other day over my yard that was getting higher and higher. With John working so many hours this summer ( and knowing that I am not a yard person), something had to be done. I saw my solution in the form of a teenage neighbor out cutting his grass! I approached him with a small smile (so as not to frighten him) and asked in my sweetest kindergarten teacher voice if he was willing to come over and just mow my front yard for cash!

He "yes ma'am ed" me and we struck a deal! He came right over and went to work. Afterwards I had to force him to take the money when he kept saying that it was His Pleasure to help me out! Awe! Turns out he is an Eagle Scout (of course!) with the sweetest manners! He will be starting college in the fall (I swear he looked 15!) and I know that he will do well as long as he keeps that wonderful sense of helping others.

WE are so quick to say that kids today don't have the same values or work ethic as we did. I don't believe this is true. Good parents (today and in the future) raise good kids (usually!). So I will continue to teach my daughter about serving others and always look for the good in this next generation. I hope she will give someone else a reason to have hope just like my Boy Scout next door!

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